1. Hands. 

  2. Scott, 2014. Cracking on with the portraiture project….

  3. Jade, 2014

  4. Beccy, 2014

  5. I did this month’s Doodle Notes for Elle Uk. KIMYE! Also here for your viewing pleasure…. Id totally say have a look in yr quality newsagents too. Go on,  its got free fancy hair stuff this month! 

  6. Liz, 2014

  7. Self Portrait with orange, 2014

  8. Sarah, 2014

  9. Happy Valentines Ladies! For the Feminist Times, I created some Valentines Day cards today. Enjoy!

  10. Allegory, 2014. 

    Im back 

  11. Some pics from yesterday’s Life Drawing class. Inside we had the adults and outside I’d set up a still life plus a few bits and bobs for the kids.

    Jasmine, 15 (above) blatantly won the evening for turning up, giving her mum a bell to check it was ok, and staying to draw a picture that was better that the rest of us (two of which are paid to draw things) then going home for tea. Star! 

    Last day of the Summer School at the Gaggle Cave at Insitu is tomorrow - Graduation Day! come down for the Grad photo you always wish you had…

    Pics again from Ollie Harrop.

  12. Saturday at the Summer School. Some of the days drawing with thanks to Ollie Harrop for the lovely images. 

  13. Friday’s Manifesto Making. 

  14. Day 2 In the School! 

    Lots of fun and making… what could be better!